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TALK: How ‘Giving Back’ Saved My Life

Storyhouse Women

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This event is part of Storyhouse Women Weekend

Join us for an intimate session where the spotlight is on the heartwarming and inspirational stories of women who’ve discovered purpose and fulfilment through community volunteering. 

In the UK, nearly one-fifth of the population engages in regular volunteering, contributing a staggering £18.7 billion to the economy. While the common perception is that volunteering is about aiding others, research underscores its profound positive impact on the volunteers themselves. This effect is particularly pronounced for those with lived experiences of mental health and/or addiction challenges.   

Celebrate stories of resilience, hope, and transformation as we shine a light on the powerful journeys of those who have dedicated their time to “give back” to the community. This event serves as an invitation to reflect on how our unique skills can be a valuable contribution to others and, in turn, enhance our own well-being. 

Guiding us through this exploration is Wendy Dossett, Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Chester. Join Wendy and our panel for an insightful conversation on the remarkable intersection of community service, personal growth, and collective well-being. 

12pm - 1pm

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Non-members: £5

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