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Sunday 24 September

The Full Stop Community

Live Podcast

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Join Michael Hughes, Sarah Lawrence and Berenice Howard-Smith, founders of The Full Stop, as they explore what it means to find a voice, not just for the community as a whole, but also helping people find their own individual narrative. After all, it was through The Full Stop podcast that they found their voices along with their many guests.

In this live podcast recording they’ll explore how we can find our voices, and encourage conversation with a live audience contributing to what will be a lively and engaging discussion.

The Full Stop Community is a private space open to all who identify as childless without regard to gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation., bringing people into a safe, supportive and inclusive online area to share resources, ask questions, celebrate wins and attend events including the live recording of The Full Stop podcast. Listened to globally, with over 30,000 downloads, this award-winning podcast was established in 2019 as an idea on a scribble of paper when the founders recognised a need to hear authentic voices and tell their stories. The Full Stop Podcast has grown to its 5th year and publishes every month. The audio is freely accessible to childless, childfree, parents and anyone who wishes to learn more about living a childless life with a range of guests from across the world who chat about diverse topics centred around childless not by choice.

The Full Stop is proud to be a Community Interest Company that gives back so that we, and future generations, are supported through collaborative learning.

Approx 75 mins

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BereniceMichael and Sarah from The Full Stop Community warmly welcome you to celebrate childless voices in a live podcast.

Founder, Presenter and Director, The Full Stop Community CIC – Berenice Howard-Smith is an artist, lecturer and mentor in design and fonts. She helped to co-create The Full Stop as a way to bring authentic, diverse voices to stories and shares her creative vision, design and writing skills in our work. When she’s not on a beach with her rescue dog, Berenice creates online, print, book and branding design as Hello Lovely. She considers herself more, not less, for her childless experiences.

Founder, Presenter and Director, The Full Stop Community CIC – Michael Hughes is the old man of the team and resides in Wollongong NSW Australia. Although his day job of 30 years has been in heavy industry maintenance, he continues to challenge himself with learning new skills, like breadmaking, video editing, drone flying and, of course, podcast editing. Although battle weary, he proudly stands as a childless man and is the founder of The Childless Men’s Community.

Founder, Presenter and Director, The Full Stop Community CIC- Sarah Lawrence is a qualified and practicing counseller. She is a workshop facilitator for Gateway Women, running online and in-person events at After The Storm. She takes care of our CIC governance, sense-checking our content and welcoming our guests. When she’s not at home in the south of the UK, Sarah can be found in Scotland or developing a childless mental health network having recognised a need for further support.

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