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Captioned, Audio Described, BSL & Relaxed performances at Storyhouse
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What's happening in Accessible Performances?

Caption Subtitles 

Captioned performances have a live transcription of the show’s dialogue and lyrics, as well as a description of any sound effects and music in the play, in English on a screen at the side of the stage.

Captioning is a service for hearing-impaired or deaf people. People for whom English is not their first language can also find captioning beneficial.

Although lots seats will offer a view of the captioning box, the best view for:

  • Thrust stage (The Secret Seven) is Gallery, Rows B, C & D; seats 1-11
  • Proscenium stage (Things I Know To Be a True) is Circle, Rows A, B, C & D; 1-10

Upcoming Captioned Performances:

Audio Description 

Audio Description is a live commentary of what is taking place on stage and a description of anything visual, whether it be an entrance or action of a character, a set change or a lighting feature.

Audio description is a service for visually-impaired or blind people, who listen to the commentary through headsets, which can be collected on arrival at the theatre.

Before an Audio Described performance, audience members can attend a Touch Tour, allowing blind people to familiarise themselves with the set and costumes of the production.
Anyone wishing to attend a Touch Tour should please book onto the separate event (click here).

There is an audio described performance of each of the four shows in the opening season, all taking place at Storyhouse.

Although the signal for the headsets works throughout the auditorium, we advise on selecting seats in the Circle, Rows A, B & C; seats 1-10. These seats are close to an aisle and on the auditorium closest to the lift, so should offer very good accessibility. Rows A & C are one step up and one step down respectively – Event Stewards will be happy to show you to your seats and help anyone who requires assistance.

Audio Described Performances:


BSL – British Sign Language Interpretation 

British Sign Language interpreted performances are for anyone who is deaf or hearing impaired who use British Sign Language.

A BSL interpreter will stand at the side of the stage, interpreting the performance live.

We aim to provide a signed performance for all Storyhouse shows – details of The Secret Seven will be confirmed soon.

Although lots seats will offer a view of the BSL signer, they directly play to the area of seats in the Gallery, Rows B, C & D; seats 16-29.

BSL Performances:

Relaxed Performances 

A Relaxed Performance is a modified version of the show, where loud sound effects are reduced, the house lights are kept up, and other adjustments are made to make a more inclusive and calm atmosphere.

Relaxed Performances are open to anyone who would benefit from a relaxed, non-judgemental atmosphere, including (but not only) people with an Autism Spectrum Condition; people with learning difficulties; people with sensory or communication difficulties; parents with young babies; and anyone who feels they would benefit from it.

Audience members are free to move around the auditorium and come and go as they wish, and there will be a Chill Out area nearby for anyone who would like to make use of it.

The cast will introduce themselves ahead of the show so audiences get an idea of who they will be seeing on stage, and we will make a Social Story available ahead of your visit, which tells you what you can expect from both the show as well as your visit to Storyhouse.

Book whatever seats you think will be best for you, and if you want us to make any extra provisions, please let us know.

Relaxed Performance:

For this Relaxed Performance, all tickets are priced at £14.50. As with all events, anyone who requires can bring a free carer or companion.

Coming along to the Relaxed Performance? Click here to download a guide of everything you need to know.


All of these tickets can be booked:

  • Online – simply select the seats you need
  • Over the phone by calling 01244 409 113 (press option #1)
  • In person at Storyhouse or by visiting the Chester Visitor Information Centre

If you require a carer or companion to accompany you to the theatre, you are more than welcome to do so. Simply request this when booking in person or over the phone, or join our Access Register to be able to do so online.

Click to join our Access Register, which will allow you to be able to book a Free Carer or Companion ticket online.

Click to see the seating plan and a photo from the stage in the auditorium.

Click for more information about accessibility at Storyhouse, and to see our latest accessible cinema screenings.


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Accessible Performances - Comments

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