Our regular short film night returns to Storyhouse on Thursday 23 May.

As always, there’ll be great films and plenty of post-screening discussion – all for a mere £2.

This month’s line-up has been curated by our BFI NETWORK Talent Executive Amy O’Hara and features an array of short films from across the North and further. The selections will showcase the best of live action, animation and documentary filmmaking that’s caught our eye recently. Picks include Sam Jones’ experimental dance film, yandass.mov and Pete King’s gritty realist pastiche, .

Filmmakers in attendance will have the opportunity to chat with our BFI NETWORK team about the support available through our talent development schemes. It’s a great opportunity to meet the growing community of local filmmakers, share stories and meet future collaborators.

Come down, watch some brilliant shorts and support exciting work from emerging UK talent.

This month’s films include:

(W/D) Sam Jones (P) Naomi Ayres
Yandass just wants to dance. So when something gets in the way, she is plunged into a scary world where her passion takes over. This is a film about those passions that burn so intensely, they’ll always find a way, no matter what. yandass.mov is a collaboration between Yandass Ndlovu (dancer), Sam Jones (director) and Underworld (composer).

MOMENTS [2018]
(W) Nadia Eman (D) Brett Chapman
Moments is a poem written and performed by Nadia Emam that asks us to put down our smartphones and pay attention to the parts of the world that really matter.

THE CLIMB [2016]
(W/D) Lynne Davison (P) Julie Gardener
After the sudden death of her adventure-loving spouse, Julia decides it’s time for a fresh start abroad. Guided by an old climbing friend of her husband, she plucks up the courage to bid goodbye to her former life by doing one last thing – pushing herself to climb his favourite mountain for the first and only time.

THE KISS [2014]
(W/D/P) Charlie Swinbourne
A comedy that examines how much a kiss can say.

(W/D) Rhona Foster (P) The Newbridge Project
Peckish, but not sure what to have for lunch? Not sure whether to grab a snack, or have a full meal? Our host can help you decide!

(W) Matthew Bartlett & Dominic Stephens, (D) Liam Harris, (P) Rosie Shewell
The Book of Blood
is a gothic comedy set in an old bookshop concerning the acquisition of a rare manuscript of great portent; as a grizzled traveller, seeks a deep dark secret amongst the shelves of an old bookstore; only to discover some secrets are buried for a reason.

(W/D) Yoni Weisberg (P) Margot Douglas
Tonight feels like any other in the mundane life of this office worker. He watches the same show, eats the same food and just waits for it to end. But tonight is different. A blackout deep in the night awakens a mysterious room. Inside could be the secret to his wildest dreams, or worst nightmares.

(D/P) Lesley-anne Rose (W) Richard Todd
A short surreal stop motion animation about a boy who, in a moment of confusion, irons his head flat.

(D) Mani Kambo & Lauren Vevers (W) Lauren Vevers (P) Mani Kambo
Apple and Snakes poetry film competition. Shortlisted 2015 and Winner of Best First Poetry Film & Audience vote.
Poem by Lauren Vevers, Visuals by Mani Kambo.

(D/P) Charlene Jones
A raw conversation involving three siblings who discuss the recent loss of their parents.

CRACK [2015]
(W/D) Peter King, (P) Joseph Taussig
A new craze is taking over the estates of London. With fights, street deals and territorial warfare growing ever dangerous, it won’t be long until it’s out of control. Crack follows Jay and his gang, B.H.S. (Brixton Hit Squad), in an exposé of this troubling social epidemic.


Screenings will be followed b an  informal Q&A with filmmakers:

Charlene Jones, Nadia Emam & Brett Chapman, Lesley-anne Rose, Sam Jones, Dominic Stevens and Yoni Weinberg.



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