Northern Exposure Short Film Night

Join us for an evening of short films, lively discussion and networking. Running from
Next event: Wednesday 25 September at 6pm
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Our regular short film night returns to Storyhouse on Wednesday 25 September.

As always, there’ll be great films for you to enjoy – all for a mere £2.

Great film encourages us to think differently. It enriches our lives and invites us to see the world in a new way. Film is transformative; it has the power to take us to new places, meet new people, experience new cultures and customs.

The powerful films screened at Northern Exposure have explored contemporary social issues, inspiring life stories and beautifully heart-warming narratives across animation, drama, documentary and dance.

Attending this months event is Film Hub North’s BFI Network Talent Coordinator Shaun Harrison, along with Jasmine film producer Barrington Paul Robinson. Barrington made the short film in London before his recent move to Liverpool. Q&A will discuss the talent development programme at Creative Producers School, the differences between London and the North and future plans.

Curated by Film Hub North’s BFI NETWORK Talent Executive Roxy McKenna, this months screening includes:

Mothering [2018] 14mins
(W/D) Lucy Bridger (P) Ailsa Vanessa Tapping
MOTHERING tells the story of a young girl, Mia, arriving at her new foster home in an atmospheric, intimate and absorbing way. The house in MOTHERING is based on Lucy’s Grandparents house, near Leyburn in North Yorkshire a slow, slightly cut off village. Her first short, Mothering won Best British Short at both London Short Film Festival and UK Film Festival.

Blyth [2014] 5mins
(W/D) Richard Powell Smith
BLYTH is a Hi-8 video about a myth of social transcendence. Retrogressing to a time of optimism nurtured by an aspirational government, BLYTH is gently satirical and obliquely humorous in its parodying of another new era we were apparently swaggering into. Richard Smith is a County Durham born documentarian and cinematographer interested in social geography, politics, and the built environment. He works internationally across both online and broadcast platforms for the likes of Vice, BBC and HBO.

Strays [2017] 3mins
(W/D) Aaron Dunleavey (P) Nick Oakley, Ian Fenton
STRAYS shows us a dark and unsettling world in which children have taken over a forgotten terraced street, devoid of adults with no rules or boundaries. Aaron Dunleavey is a Blackburn based filmmaker his films explore stories of working class youth; with unscripted and improvised performances, street casting and non-professional young actors.

Murmur [2015] 8mins
(W/D) Aurora Fearnley (P) Maria Forsström, Jude Goldrei, Sophie Reynolds
This taut dystopian thriller is from Leeds based writer-director Aurora Fearnley explores the relationship between women, patriarchy, mental health and historic perceptions of credibility

Splashy Phasings [2014] 3mins
(W/D) Heather Phillipson
SPLASHY PHASINGS references the 3-min gap between programmes as the space of advertising, the length of a pop song, and the moment both before and after ‘information’, the video plunges into a post-news environment, built on tears, song and other voice and body outpourings. Heather works across video, sculpture, web projects, music, drawing and poetry receiving the Film London Jarman Award in 2016 and awarded the European Film Festival selection at the Film Festival Rotterdam in 2018.

Dark_Net [2016] 13mins
(W/D) Tom Marshall (P) Adam Woodhall
DARK_NET follows Alan (Johnny Vegas) as he plans to hire the services of a highly trained deadly assassin and learn the true price of entering the ‘dark_net’. Written and directed by Middlesbrough filmmaker Tom Marshall and filmed on location in Teesside.

Smoked Mackerel [2019] 16mins
(W/D/P) Ciarán Charles
SMOKED MACKEREL is a coming-of-age film about two teenage friends and was inspired by Newcastle based writer-director Ciaran’s experience growing up on the Wild Atlantic Way. The film went on to win the national RTS Student Awards for best drama and best writing.



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