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Hope + Q&A

Rating 12
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Directed by Kirsty Housley
Starring Nicole Hall, Michelle Hamilton, Carina Murray, Natasha Jean Sparkes

“Where does hope come from, what sustains it during times of darkness, and how can we share it with others?”

Clean Break, a pioneering force changing lives and minds of women in prison, present their inaugural feature film ‘Hope’ at Storyhouse. Clean Break’s work in prisons and communities bolster the confidence and wellbeing of women prisoners and bring the hidden stories of women who are criminalised to a wider audience with award-winning plays.

Hope is a poignant and powerful documentary unfurling the narratives of four remarkable women as they navigate unique struggles. Through personal stories, poetry and movement, this intimate film is a portrait of their growth and collective action in the face of adversity and ensures the raw, authentic voices of Natasha, Carina, Michelle and Nicole are heard, illustrating the resilience of the human spirit. Hope is testament to the strength of unity, and the profound impact it can have.

Hope is not just an emotion, it’s a force that can empower and connect us all.

Following the screening, Carina Murray, Hope cast member and Paula Harriott, Head of Prisoner Engagement, Prison Reform Trust will be in conversation about hope and the criminal justice system.

Approx 27 mins + Q&A

£8.90 / £8 for screenings before 5pm
(Non-Members: £9.90 / £8.90 )

£6.65 for under 16s
(Non-Members: £7.40)

£5 for Young Storyhouse Card
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There will be no adverts or trailers on this screening. The film will start at the advertised time.

About Clean Break:

Clean Break changes lives and changes minds through theatre – on stage, in prison and in the community. Founded in 1979 by two women in prison who believed that theatre could bring the hidden stories of women who are criminalised to a wider audience, they remain true to these roots: inspiring playwrights and captivating audiences with award-winning plays on the complex theme of women and criminalisation.

Their previous film, Sweatbox, is available to view online: