Family Saturdays & Sundays

Cinema Paddington (PG)
Sat 11am Sun 11am

1 hr 35 | Alone at Paddington station a little bear is looking for a kind family to take him in. The charming and heart-warming original film. Screening as part of Refugee Week.

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Ready Player One (12A)

2 hrs 20 | Set in 2045 in a future dominated by VR, game players must compete to unlock the fortune of a renowned video game designer.

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The Breadwinner (12A)

1 hr 33 | Best Animation Oscar nominee about the story of 11-year-old Parvana growing up in Afghanistan during Taliban rule, who sets out on a quest to support her family.

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Sing (U)

1 hr 48 | In a world populated by animals a singing contest is launched in the hope of boosting the fortunes of an old theatre and its Koala bear owner.

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