Kaleidoscope Festival

A week-long festival celebrating disability and challenging stereotypes
  • Storyhouse

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Kaleidoscope celebrates the diversity of human bodies. We have invited 23 local disability led charities and organisations to choose what happens across Storyhouse this week, in order to celebrate life with a disability and challenge stereotypes.

We believe a more equal world is a better world. 13.9 million people in this country live with a disability – 1 in 5 of us. But if you live with disability, your life chances – to access employment, justice, education, culture, transport, healthcare – are not equal in the UK today. You are more likely to face unfair treatment at work, you are 30% more likely to be the victim of crime, you are twice as likely to be unemployed as a non-disabled person. You are less likely than a non-disabled person to access decent accommodation, visit the theatre or a library, or be able to get on a train. There is a lot to challenge.

Come and join us: sing, sign, knit, drum, dance, act, laugh – be inspired and energised by the extraordinary programme we are proud to host, which allows Storyhouse to speak directly with the many voices of local people living with disability.


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Kaleidoscope Festival
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Activities The Peoples Choice Group Knitting Club

Especially for people with learning disabilities/autism but open to the whole community. Do you like knitting or crochet in a…

On Stage Candoco Dance Company: Face In and Let’s Talk About Dis
Storyhouse Theatre

Candoco Dance Company presents a dramatic and powerful new double bill, challenging notions of identity and appearances, with daring and uninhibited dance.

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On Stage Stopgap Dance Company: The Enormous Room
Storyhouse Theatre

In the latest epic production from Stopgap Dance Company, we follow a father and daughter gradually coming to terms with the loss of Jackie – their wife and mother. Thoughtful, moving and uplifting, this is a show about saying goodbye and moving on.

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Festival Blink Festival

A two day festival exploring the highs and lows of becoming a parent. Blink and you’ll miss it…

On Stage The Wizard of Oz
Storyhouse Theatre

Coming to Storyhouse this Christmas: based on the classic MGM musical motion picture, featuring all the favourite songs, including Somewhere Over The Rainbow and We’re Off To See The Wizard.

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