Five amazing things that members do!

You probably already know that your membership helps to support Storyhouse, but what does that really mean?

To give you a better idea of how your membership supports our charity, here are five amazing things that you do, simply by being a member!


  1. You support local theatre productions

Storyhouse doesn’t just host touring shows, but we also produce our own theatre shows called Storyhouse Originals. (Did you know that Storyhouse is one of the north’s biggest theatre producers?)

Storyhouse Originals includes our summer shows at Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre (did you also know that we run the country’s most successful regional open air theatre?), our annual Christmas show, as well as other productions throughout the year. Great shows like Romeo and Juliet, Stig of the Dump, Little Women, Oliver Twist!, Antigone and The Wizard of Oz have all been made by us, right here in Chester!

By being a member, you help us to keep producing our own entertaining shows for local audiences.

The cast of Little Women in rehearsals
  1. You support independent cinema

Storyhouse has a completely independent cinema. Our inhouse Film and Digital Programmer, Nicky Beaumont, selects new films to show every week, with local audiences in mind.

As well as showing the unmissable big screen blockbusters, we also screen many films from the best independent and international filmmakers. As an independent cinema, we are able to show films that you can’t see anywhere else!

Storyhouse Cinema
  1. You help to provide a safe space for communities

Storyhouse works in partnership with a number of organisations to run a host of festivals which celebrate and provide a safe space for several different communities. These include Kaleidoscope Festival, celebrating people living with a learning disability, Storyhouse Childless, enabling childless and child free people to meet and share experiences, and Storyhouse Languages, celebrating Chester’s diverse international community.

Storyhouse is also home to hundreds of groups and activities, including a bereavement support group, book clubs, language conversation groups, drama and dance groups, arts and craft activities and many more. All of which enable the people of Chester to make new friends, build community and combat loneliness.

Anyone is welcome to use Storyhouse as a meeting space for free. If you have an idea for a group, just email our Communities Manager, George at

Kaleidoscope Festival: Disability Pride Parade
  1. You help to provide opportunities for young people

Young Storyhouse runs various programmes for young people (under the age of 26) to provide them with real-life experience in the arts, as well as supporting them in gaining practical skills, building confidence and achieving qualifications.

As part of Young Storyhouse, young people have created, produced and marketed their own film, music and theatre festivals; written, devised and performed brand new pieces of theatre; designed lighting and sound as part of the technical team; completed nationally-recognised awards; organised and led activities for local communities, chaired panel discussions with industry leaders, and much more!

Young Storyhouse
  1. You support your local library

The Storyhouse library spreads throughout the entire building and boasts the longest opening hours of any public library in the UK. Everyone is welcome to come and use Storyhouse as a space to study or work, with free access to computers and Wi-Fi.

Our library runs a range of family-friendly activities to encourage children with their learning, and holds over 2,000 sessions a year for marginalised communities.

Storyhouse library

We can’t thank you enough for your support!