Harry Potter Night at Storyhouse!

On Thursday 7 February, over 300 witches and wizards arrived by broomstick, Portkey and Floo Powder to celebrate the annual Harry Potter Book Night.

Storyhouse was transformed into Hogwarts with floating candles, potion bottles, spooky portraits and other magical artifacts. Visitors were greeted at the door by the Sorting Hat and could snap a picture of themselves at Platform Nine and Three Quarters. From there they could write their own letters to Mr Potter himself and send them by Owl Post, discover their own wizard name, and have a shot at the Quidditch hoops (thanks to the University of Chester Quidditch team).

A definite highlight was the excellent Professors Skewbetto and Lightpaws and their Defence Against the Dark Arts classes. Cries of “Expecto Patronum!” echoed all around the building as their students used their newfound wand skills to banish some particularly nasty Dementors.

A whole lot of mischief was definitely managed!

Huge thanks and Chocolate Frogs to everyone who took part, it was an amazing effort from the whole Storyhouse team, Young Leaders, MA students and volunteers. We have all just about recovered from a very very busy event and can’t wait to start planning next year!

Here’s some words from the young witches and wizards: