Interview with Kim Curzon, Young Storyhouse Officer

Hi Kim, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a Young Storyhouse Officer, which means I work supporting our Young Leaders. I love all things musical theatre, particularly directing shows, outside of my work with Young Leaders. I sing all the time randomly in real life and I’ve gotten used to people thinking I’m a bit weird because I can be very socially awkward! I enjoy having lots of energy and being really positive in front of a group, but I’m also most happy hibernating at home with a good book or tv show.


What does your role at Storyhouse entail?

It completely varies every week but my main responsibility is to design and deliver the weekly Young Leader sessions, meet potential new Young Leaders and work with local community partners to make sure that the programme is reaching young people who will benefit from it the most!

The best thing about working in the Young Storyhouse team is that each week is so unpredictable! Generally I’ll have 2-3 sessions happening a week but that can mean I’m doing anything from making ice cream out of mash potato, delivering a masterclass, helping Storyhouse staff to support Young Leader events, to being taught by a Young Leader how to make a roast chicken out of a tea towel during a skill share! Every group is different so every session is different, and the challenge of adapting to that is one of my favourite parts of my job! I love that we can be flexible enough to try and ensure everyone has the support they need.


What is your favourite thing about working at Storyhouse?

Just like my role, no two days at Storyhouse are the same! You can find the most random things happening just walking around the building. It’s such a safe space for so many people in the community and I love that I can help be a part of that. The Storyhouse team are also fantastic to work with and everyone is always so interested and supportive of each others projects!


What is your favourite project that you’ve worked on?

I’ve been doing this job for over five years now so there have been many sessions I’ve enjoyed! I always enjoy exploring leadership skills which we usually do through a series of games and challenges testing skills like communication and organisation but mostly just having a lot of fun. I also love it when we have a member of the Storyhouse team come in to work with the young leaders and give them a masterclass because I find everyone’s job fascinating! I also love Young Leader events, the groups have such great ideas and it’s a privilege to help make them come to life!


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