Stig’s Caveman Quiz for Kids!

Test your cavemen knowledge with this fun Stig-themed quiz!


Question One: The hunter-gatherers invite Stig to a feast. What should he take with him?

A) Fresh fish

B) Tiramisù

C) Pizza



Question Two: Stig needs to hunt for some food. In the Stone Age, Stig would have made weapons from…

A) Metal

B) Plastic

C) Flint

Question Three: Stig decides he wants a pet. Which wild animal do you think would be easiest for him to house train?

A) Eagle

B) Wolf

C) T Rex


Question Four: Other than caves, what else could Stig have used to build a house for Shelter in the Stone Age?

A) Animal skins, sticks and bones

B) Bricks

C) Sand

Question Five: What Age came after the Stone Age?

A) The Bronze Age

B) The Iron Age

C) Old Age


Question Six: Stig wants to do some cave painting. What can he use to make paint?

A) Spit

B) Animal blood

C) Charcoal


Q1. A) Fresh fish. None of the other options existed at that time.

Q2. C) Flint. They sharpened it to make weapons and tools, and even used it to make fires.

Q3. B) Wolf. People shared their homes with wolves until they became dogs!

Q4. A) Animal skins, sticks and bones

Q5. A) The bronze age

Q6. A, B and C! Cavemen also used animal fat and rocks to make paint.