Storyhouse Book and Reading Groups

Relish Reading Group

  • Weekly, every Friday at 2pm in the Meeting Room
  • The name Relish comes from: REad LIsten and SHare
  • Each week, a book which has been selected at previous meeting is read aloud by members of the group and discussed.
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Storyhouse Book Club

  • Monthly. on a Wednesday evening at 7.30pm
  • Run by volunteers, this group have recently started to meet in the storytelling room of the Children’s library.
  • Each month’s read has a different theme including prize-winning fiction, books in translation and autobiography.
  • Full list of books for the year can be found at the link below:
    Find out more here.

Chester Library Book Group

  • Monthly, on a Tuesday at 1pm in the Meeting Room
  • Run by volunteers, ideas for the reading list are suggested each week by volunteers.
  • Each month has a recommended read and other reads which are listed below:
    Find out more here.

Storyhouse Women Book Club

  • Monthly, on a Wednesday at 7pm.
  • Run by volunteers, each book has a feminist theme.
  • Explore the titles below:
    Find out more here.

Sci-Fi Reading Group

  • Monthly, Saturdays at 2pm in the Meeting Room
  • This group reads and discusses Science Fiction and Fantasy books.
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The Pick ‘n’ Mix Book Group

  • Monthly, Mondays 2-4pm in the Meeting Room.
  • Reading list includes a mix of classics, modern fiction and biographies.
  • Titles are planned in August for the next year and listed on website:
    Find out more here.

Reading Group for the Visually Impaired

  • Monthly, last Thursday of the month, 30am-11.30am.
  • This group is run by Storyhouse Library staff. Listen to an audiobook each month and then discuss at the meeting.
  • Titles for following month are selected at meeting.
    Find out more here.

Not A Reading Group

  • Monthly, Tuesday at 11am.
  • This group is run by Storyhouse Library staff.
  • There are no set titles and no required reading, place to discuss/recommend books.
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