Studies Of The Heart – a film festival by Storyhouse’s Young Film Programmers

Storyhouse’s Young Film Programmers have curated a film festival, to take place as a series of screenings at Storyhouse’s cinema from 1-4 February 2018.

Studies of the Heart

How can you describe love? You could fall in love at first sight or it could take you ten years. You have friends that you love unconditionally, or parents that you love, but still can’t help but fight with. Then there’s the importance of loving yourself. In this short season, we explore all of the different forms of love, from all around the world. So come along, and experience five films that speak the language of love, in all its many guises.

The Apartment, 1 February, 6pm
Appropriate Behaviour, 2 February, 8.45pm
Our Little Sister,  Saturday 3 February, 3.30pm
Stand by Me, Saturday 3 February, 8.45pm
Beautiful Thing, 4 February, 3.30pm

Storyhouse’s Young Film Programmers.

Tickets for every film in Studies of the Heart are £5. Book now.