Community volunteers at the park: A Big Thank You!

As well as planting the native plants into the Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre auditorium volunteers will be helping with the enormous task of planting and nurturing the living set for this summer’s Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre!

A team of volunteers have helped realise designer Jessica Curtis’ incredible eco-set at this year’s Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre.

They have created a beautiful 120 metre-length of rag bunting out of recycled hotel bed sheets. The team used natural dyes including turmeric, and then spent hours boiling them, dipping them into dye and finally tearing them into strips. Gardens, yards and balconies across the city had meters and metres of rags hung out to dry ready to be tied together on rope for what is wrapped around the theatre today.

Others have been making pom-poms to form part of the monkey costumes in The Jungle Book.


All volunteers and Storyhouse team members who helped with The Big Plant on Saturday 22 May!

team of gardeners
Catherine Bernal
Andrew Pleass
Stella Pleass
Sue Aston
Katie Sedman
Mike Johnson
Pauline Holden
Christine Robinson
Helen Clifton

team of rag bunting creators
Mike Roberts
Mike Sykes
Jo Patsy Coates
Andrew Pleass
Helen Clifton
Christine Robinson
Vony Gwillim
Anna Pooley
Andy Leaman
Pauline Holden
Frances Hughes
team of pom pom people!
Rick Hyde
Sarah Shone
Keiron Bellis
and Anthony Gallagher from the Live Cheshire Friday Art Group,
supported by Alison Pitt and Pat Tripney of Art in the Place

The Big Dig on Saturday 22 May

Turning rags into bunting!