We are currently recruiting for:

Senior Technician (Sound and AV)

We are looking to recruit a full time, permanent Senior Technician to join our brilliant Technical Team. As one of three Senior Technicians you will be a hands-on technician working across all areas of our programme, specialising in sound and video.

Download the full job pack here.

To apply click here. Alternatively you can apply by video or audio format to hr.team@storyhouse.com

Closing date: 8 October 2021

2 supported Kickstart Roles – for 16-24 year olds in receipt of Universal Credit

Finance Trainee
This is a great opportunity to build valuable skills in business and finance. You will support Storyhouse’s Finance Team by learning how to do tasks such as processing invoices, administrating accounts and more. The friendly Finance Team at Storyhouse are integral to the running of Storyhouse and will support you as you learn about what they do and why it matters, and you’ll pick up skills and knowledge that will be useful in any industry.

Marketing Assistant Trainee
This is a great opportunity for a creative person interested in social media, TV, film or theatre. You will help Storyhouse’s friendly Marketing Team creating social media posts, webpages and emails; advertise what’s on and help bring more audiences in and learn about what the Marketing Team do and why it matters.

To find out more and apply click here.

Closing date: 21 September 2021

Programming Roles

Programming roles will be coming very soon – check back here for news!

For a conversation about any of the roles we are currently recruiting for, please contact hr.team@storyhouse.com

About Storyhouse

Storyhouse is one of the UK’s foremost cultural charities, its home in Chester incorporates a library, theatres and a cinema.

It is one of the country’s most successful arts buildings, with more than one million customer visits each year. The pioneering new library within Storyhouse, where members of the community work alongside city librarians, boasts the longest opening hours of any UK public library and is open every day until 11pm. It runs over 2,000 sessions a year for marginalised communities. It is also an acclaimed theatre producer and runs the country’s most successful regional open-air theatre, in the city’s Grosvenor Park and Moonlight Flicks open air cinema and Drive-In. Storyhouse currently holds the official title as the UK’s Most Welcoming Theatre and was the overall national winner in the 2018 Guardian Public Service Awards.

Diversity Statement

This house is your house.

Across everything we do, we work to give people the power to build their own creative communities, through inspiring stories and shared creative experiences: this house is your house.

As we blend theatre, library, restaurant and cinema services, we share inspiring stories and stage creative events which empower people to nurture their creativity and connect communities. We create belonging. Through our work, we hope to build a more connected, inclusive, creative community of communities.

The more open we are to the true and rich diversity of our communities, the more vividly we will fulfil our purpose. More engagement by more of our communities will make more of Storyhouse.

We are committed to creating a team which is representative of our communities and to bringing together those with a variety of skills and experiences to help shape what we do and how we work.


Storyhouse is a charity.
After the most challenging year in our history, we still need your support to help us recover.
Here’s how you can help support the future of Storyhouse.