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Please note, though one-off screenings and specials are planned in advance, most film times for new releases are planned on a weekly basis.
Standard cinema tickets are priced as:

Screenings before 5pm – Full Price: £8.50   |   Aged Under 26: £6
Screenings after 5pm – Full Price: £9.50   |   Aged Under 26: £7

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National Lottery Cinema Day

Playmobil: The Movie (U)
Today 3.45pm, 6pm

1 hr 39 | [AD] | Marla embarks on the adventure into the magical, animated universe of PLAYMOBIL®to bring her brother home!

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Cinema Bohemian Rhapsody (12A)
Today 8pm; Mon 7.50pm + more times
Roman Gardens

2 hrs 14 | Moonlight Flicks | Join us for the foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music and the Freddie Mercury.

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The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue (18)
Today 8.15pm

1 hr 37 | Horror classic about two hippies who find themselves under the suspicions of a local detective after a series of brutal murders. 

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The Angry Birds Movie 2 (U)
Tomorrow 12.30pm; Sat 10.30am, 12.30pm; Sun 10.30am, 12.30pm; Mon 1.30pm; Tue 12.30pm; Wed 12.30pm + more times

1 hr 37 | [AD] | Enemies become friends in the follow-up story to The Angry Birds Movie.

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Cinema Blinded by The Light (12A)
Tomorrow 3pm, 8.45pm; Sat 3pm, 8.45pm; Sun 8.45pm; Mon 11am, 3.30pm, 8.45pm; Tue 3pm, 8.45pm + more times

1 hr 57 | [AD] | Quirky coming of age tale about a teenager dealing with love, life and family through the music of Bruce Springsteen in 1980s Britain.

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Cinema Only You (15)
Tomorrow 6pm

1 hr 58 | Elena and Jake meet by chance on New Year’s Eve, and soon start a passionate relationship. But, as the seasons pass, reality catches up with them.

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Cinema Clueless (12)
Tomorrow 8pm
Roman Gardens

1 hr 37 | Moonlight Flicks | Cool fashions and quick-wit are the name of the game in this classic high-school rom-com.

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Cinema Animals (15)
Sat 6pm; Sun 6pm; Mon 6pm; Wed 6pm + more times

1 hr 49 | A celebration of female friendship and the choices we make, Animals is an honest, unconventional and very funny snapshot of two very modern women.

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