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Storyhouse is in a Fight for Survival

It’s time for the next chapter of our story. Storyhouse is needed more than ever – as a beacon of hope, to cheer us up and for the certain return of good times.

We are one of over 500 registered charities that run theatres. Two thirds of them expect to be out of business by Christmas. And it’s easy to see why – putting theatre on a stage right now is impossible. Unless something changes soon, Storyhouse will be similarly be at risk of closure.

We’ve announced the postponement of Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre, our charity’s biggest project and which accounts for one fifth of our total ticket turnover for the year.

You can read our press release here about how this places us in a battle for survival as we struggle with the lack of guidance to theatres about how and when it is safe for them to open, and how producers such as Storyhouse will be able to create productions when they are.  

As a charity, we take no profit: every £1 we earn is spent on making a difference in our community. We earn over three quarters of our income from trading and it costs over £200k a month to keep Storyhouse open. We’re not downhearted, we’ve had great help so far and we’ve got some wonderful friends.

Our sleeves are rolled up and we’re ready for the challenge. We plan to open Storyhouse, including the library and cinema in a month or so and look forward to seeing you all very soon

There are four ways you can help us now. Please do.

    • Become a member. We’re launching the Storyhouse Card, packed full of benefits for members. Streaming membership with no commitment is just £4 per month. It will help us get back on the road right now, and will give you some really super privileges too.
    • Donate. A small regular monthly donation is the easiest way to support us, it’s a simple, easily managed process.
    • Volunteer. If you’d ever thought about joining our amazing army of volunteers, now is the moment. We need you more ever.
    • Pay it Forward. . One of the best ways to help (and the most joyful for both of us) is to buy a ticket for a Storyhouse Originals show.  These are our home-produced shows, and our charity retains 100% of income. We’ll be posting details of new shows as soon as they come on line. In the meantime, you could buy yourself or a friend a gift voucher.

We need your help – but with your support, we’ll emerge even stronger.

Thank you and we can’t wait to see you soon!

Become a member

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A small regular monthly donation is the easiest way to help us right now. It’s a simple process that you…


If you’d ever thought about joining our amazing army of volunteers, now is the moment.  We need you more ever…

Pay it forward

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We are in a fight for survival. 

Our charity is resilient, but we need your help to come back even stronger. We can only do that with the support of our 1m customers and friends.

There are four ways you can help us, click here to find out more.