Storyhouse is home to many different community groups, including mental health support groups, book clubs, language conversation groups, learning sessions, drama and dance groups and many more.

A number of Storyhouse’s regular groups are continuing to meet online, and are still welcoming new members, whilst whilst lockdown measures are still in place. Use the filters below to explore the different groups and find out more.

If you’re part of a group and would like to move online for a while, or would like to start a new group, please email Communities Manager George at

Activities The Reader at Home

A weekly reading group on Zoom, bringing people together, and stories and poems to life.

Activities Not a Reading Group
Fri 11am

At Storyhouse Library we think that escaping into the world of books is a very good way to spend an hour. So if you agree, come and join us for book talk, whatever your preferred genre.

Activities Storyhouse Women Book Club
Meeting Room

Calling all like-minded individuals of all ages with a love of books, feminism and sticking it to the Patriarchy! Come…

Save Storyhouse, Save the Summer!

Find out about our plans for the biggest Storyhouse summer ever, and how you can help us to survive and maybe even thrive.